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The Eco Smart range of products was developed in 2009.
The result was four multi-purpose products that tick several boxes simultaneously.
Most importantly the products are bio-degradable and therefore Eco Friendly.  Using them will not harm the earth’s precious freshwater reserves. You will be contributing to conservation without using any extra time and resources.


Eco Smart products are gentle on the human skin and lungs, yet the modern technology is super-efficient giving you green products that really do the job every time. Try them on a dirty oven, a car engine or a factory floor and be amazed time and time again.

Because of the multi-purpose feature, you will replace the arsenal of toxins under your basin with a neat row of three liquid concentrates, three mixing bottles and a smallish bucket of washing powder. We guarantee you will need very little else to clean and sanitize your home. What a great way to de-clutter!


We have at times been asked to supply the Eco Smart products in diluted form and have always resisted. This takes a bit more effort but the amount of plastic that we do not have to dispose of or recycle is substantial. The ratio is 1:10 - ten plastic bottles taken out of the equation.

If you have someone cleaning for you are looking after his/her health in the first place. If he/she cannot believe that a little goes such a long way, the one paying for the product will have to do the honours of mixing while thinking of bubbling brooks, tree ferns and birds chirping in the forest! 

Toxic cleaning products is the silent enemy of many cleaners who absorb at least twice their body weight in toxins in a lifetime. Repeating the message of eco-friendly cleaning is sometimes necessary. Your cleaning staff will appreciate having softer hands and fewer breathing problems.

The business opportunity is exciting because as a distributor your profit margin from day one is substantial. We give you the opportunity to get your business off the ground at a pace that suits you and your other commitments. You will be in business for yourself but not by yourself as we will endeavour to give you the support you need every step of the way.  The products are sold by way of relationship marketing and you will compete very favourably with what is available on the shop shelves.

If you order from us as a home- or business user, you will find that your grocery bill comes down by a sizable chunk using Eco Smart products.

NRC Approval: Reg. No. Act. 5 GNR529/235539/0293



The four Eco Smart products are the following:
Eco 1- Multi Cleaner; "Triple Action Multi Cleaner"

This modern product has an easy “Spray and Wipe" action, that cleans all kitchens tops and -fittings, bathroom- and toilet fittings, desks, counters, shelves, electronic equipment, computer screens, complete offices - also ideal for cleaning ovens.

Priced at:
1 Liter concentrate R125
5 Liter concentrate R445
25 Liter concentrate R2000

Eco 2 - Wash; "Super Versatile Washer"

This low foam product was developed for the cleaning linoleum, vinyl tiles, sealed wooden floors, all walls, doors, chrome fittings and hand washing dishes and -delicate fabrics. It has a fresh lime fragrance.

Priced at:
1 Lliter concentrate R125
5 Liter concentrate R445
25 Liter R2000

Eco 3 - Hygiene; "The Germ Destroyer"

This safe effective disinfectant is strong enough to sanitize and deodorize toilets and drains. It is tested and approved by the SA National Regulator to destroy 99.9% of the germs we encounter daily. It is an ideal sanitizer for offices, electronic equipment, kitchens and all -fittings, bathrooms, toilets and bedrooms. It is safe enough for use on chopping boards and near food. It is a superior waterless hand sanitizer and will not dry out your hands.

Priced at:
1 Liter concentrate R110 
5 Liter concentrate R410
25 Liter concentrate R1750
Eco 4 - Laundry and Washing Powder; "The Pure Powder"

This PURE Laundry Powder with it's pleasant fresh aroma, only requires a small 14 gram scoop (A heaped teaspoon) to do a 5 kg wash. No softener is required, and will not leave stripes on your clothes, nor will you ever have any skin allergies from your clothes after washing with this pure product. You can also use it in your automatic dishwasher for washing dishes, and it will not leave a residue on your dishes, nor will it rust any of your machines which most harsh cleaning chemicals do today.

IMPORTANT NOTE; Our laundry powder does NOT have a cardboard filler to bulk it up, and because it is so PURE, it only requires a 14ml small scoop, and calculated on the 1000 gram Tub of Laundry Powder it works out to a cost of ONLY R3.00 per wash-load of laundry or dishes.The filler in most commercial washing powders is the reason for the grey streaks on dark clothing.

Priced at:
1 kilo R210.00
5 kilo R822.00
25 kilo R3920.00


For our clients; convenience we have also packaged 3 x Full Functional Cleaning Kits,
suitable for homes, offices, guest homes, game lodges, crèches, etc.

The kits are as follows:

Eco Smart 100 TEST KIT (100ml Bottles of Diluted Product.)

This is our smallest Kit, that consists of all 4 Eco Smart products. 3 x liquid products already diluted in 100ml Spray Dispensing Bottles, namely an Eco 1 Multi-Purpose cleaner, an Eco 2 Wash, an Eco 3 Hygiene and a small tub of Eco 4 Washing powder and scoop that will do 7x5 kg loads of washing. NO clothes softener is required.

This TEST KIT should last an average user about 2-3 weeks, in order to ascertain the effectiveness and the easy cleaning and advanced “Spray and Wipe” function of the products. (It replaces approximately 12 x products used by most people, which is confusing to cleaning staff and more expensive to purchase)

Priced at R125.00

Eco Smart 1000 KIT (1000ml Bottles of Concentrated Product)

The 3 x Concentrated Liquid Bottles in this Kit, are 1000ml bottles of product, and the laundry powder is a 1000 gram Tub (Mixing Ratio of the 3 x Liquid Concentrated Products is 1:10 (1 part product and 10 parts water) This Kit makes 70 x Dispensing Bottles of Superior and Effective Product, and the Pure Laundry Powder will give you 70 x 5kg Washes. (Because the laundry powder is so pure you do not require a softener)

You can choose from the following 2 x KITS to suit you
Eco Smart 1000 WITH Dis. Bottles and NO Laundry Powder: R495.00
Eco Smart 1000L Kit- WITH Disp. Bottles and WITH Laundry Powder: R620.00

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