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Congratulations arriving on our webpage….….. because you must be considering YOUR HEALTH, or that of your loved ones, or it could be your staff, or your valued clients or guests health, and it can also be your concern about our precious endangered wildlife, and our threatened environment.

Well………you have arrived at the right place, as we were also very concerned, and have addressed the crises how certain cleaning products are damaging our people health, our food chain and the environment, a major problem that we all are faced with on a daily basis, and which crises is unfortunately not taken seriously, to the detriment of many people, their families, guests and staff.

We………are pleased to state that we and various scientific experts have been extremely successfully in the development & manufacturing of a superior range of ; "Environmentally & Human Friendly Products", which we have made extremely affordable, and which details we want to share with you….

Please take a few minutes to read the following important details of;
How to Save your Health & a lot of Money!”

Financial Saving to our Clients………..BUY at FACTORY PRICES & SAVE 200 to 500% on our SUPERIOR; Cleaning, Washing, Sanitizing & Laundry Eco & Human Friendly Products.


1 - Manufacturing of the Eco Smart Products;

  • To produce Eco & Human Friendly Products is a very expensive manufacturing process, as all the superior ingredients used in our formulas are much more expensive than your cheap harsh, toxic ingredients used by many companies today.
  • We therefore had to seriously consider how we could introduce and sell these superior Eco & Human Friendly Products to the citizens of South Africa at affordable prices.

2 - Selling the Eco Smart Products;

  • If we sold the products in Retail Stores, the product would have been too expensive, with the retailer adding huge amounts to cover their massive overheads and to make their large profits.
The selling prices of our Eco Products would have increased by 200 to 300% if sold by retail stores.

3 - The Manufacturing Company Eco Smart directly appoints Selling Distributors Countrywide;

  • We then decided to appoint Distributors Countrywide to promote, and to be "Health Advisors" and to sell our products directly from the factory, which would entail that our clients would pay "WHOLESALE PRICES" for the products, making these superior products definatly more affordable than products on our store shelves and others that are on the market today…with our clients spending LESS than HALF the money they spend at our stores, for products that purport to do the same functions, and are definitely NOT Eco & Human Friendly.
  • We now sell our excellent Eco Smart Products NATIONWIDE and deliver COUNTRYWIDE.

To assure our prospective clients that our range of Eco Smart Products are of a Superior Quality, we have the following Endorsement, Accreditation and Approvals;

Because of the extensive scientific research to develop these excellent products and the extremely expensive costs to manufacture them, we are extremely pleased with the final results and the following prestigious approvals of the products.




The 4 x Multi Task and Versatile Eco Products we Manufacture will replace 12 x Products used daily by most people to do the same functions.

The “Functions of each Individual Product”, that will effectively perform all your;, cleaning, sanitizing, washing and laundry requirement, are as follows;

Eco 1- Multi Cleaner; "Triple Action Multi Cleaner
This modern product is a convenient & advanced easy; “Spray & Wipe Action”, that  cleans all surfaces, kitchens tops & fittings, bathroom & toilet fittings, desks, counters, shelves, electronic equipment, computer screens, complete offices, also ideal for cleaning ovens etc. With a fresh sea fragrance.
Eco 2- Wash; "Super Versatile Washer"
This non abrasive product is developed for easy application of a” Spray & Wipe Action,” for the cleaning of all floors, linoleum, vinyl tiles, marble & sealed wooden floors, all walls, doors, chrome fittings, hand washing dishes & delicate fabrics etc. With a sensational lime fragrance.
Eco 3 - Hygiene; "The Germ Destroyer"
This safe & effective disinfectant, is strong enough to sanitize & deodorize toilets and drains, & is tested & approved by the SA National Regulator to destroy 99.9% of the germs we encounter daily. It is an ideal sanitizer for offices, electronic equipment, kitchens & all fittings, bathrooms, toilets, bedrooms, yet safe enough for use on chopping boards & near food. Because of its pleasant fresh forest aroma it is a superior ”waterless sanitizer for hands”, & will not damage or affect sanitation plants at Game Parks/Farms etc.
Eco 4 - Laundry & Washing Powder; "The Pure Powder"

This PURE Laundry Powder with its extremely pleasant fresh aroma, only requires a Small 14gram Scoop  (A heaped teaspoon) to do a 5 kg wash. No softener is required, & will not leave stripes on your clothes, nor will you ever have any skin allergies from your clothes after washing with this pure product. 
You can also use it in your automatic dishwasher for washing dishes, & it will not leave a residue on your dishes, nor will it rust any of your machines which most harsh cleaning chemicals do today.  

IMPORTANT NOTE;  Our laundry powder does NOT have a cardboard filler to bulk it up, and because it's so PUREONLY requires this 14ml small scoop, and calculated on the 1000 gram Tub of Laundry Powder it works out to a cost of ONLY R1.57 per 5kg Laundry Wash/Load of Dishes. 

Most laundry powders on the SA market today require scoops or cups of many times larger than ours for a 5kg wash, which laundry product are mostly NOT biodegradable, & will also contribute to more damage done to our environment, & is costing you five times the price.

Our Eco 4- Laundry Powder is therefore the MOST Effective Cost Wise & Affordable Laundry/Washing Powder on the SA market today, & most importantly it is definitely Scientifically Proven & Tested to be; Eco & Human Friendly.
Prices of Individual Products……….Click here to go to “ Individual Product Prices, What the Concentrated Products Make in Litres & Full Functions”

The sizes of the containers the products are packaged in:

  • The three concentrated liquid products; a Multi Cleaner, Wash and Hygiene all with their fresh and pleasant fragrances, come bottled in the following sizes; 250 & 1000 ml bottles, 5 & 25 litre Jerry Cans. 

Picture below of the three liquid concentrated products in 1- litre bottles
(makes 70 x dis.bottles)


Picture below of the 330 & 1000 Tub of the PURE Powder with 14ml scoop.

For our clients convenience, we have also packaged 3 x Full Functional Cleaning Kits, suitable for homes, offices, guest homes, game lodges, crèches, etc. The difference with the Kits is the SIZE of the 3 x Liquid Bottles and laundry Tubs, and whether dispensing bottles are included.



1. Eco Smart 100L TEST KIT (100ml Bottles of Diluted Product.)

This is our smallest “FULL FUNCTIONAL CLEANING TEST KIT”, that consists of 4 x Eco Products. 3 x liquid products already diluted in 100ml Spray Dispensing Bottles, namely a;Eco 2- “Super Versatile Wash”, Eco 2- “Super Versatile Wash” a Eco 3- “Germ Destroyer Hygiene” & a Eco 4 “Pure Laundry & Washing Powder” that is packaged in a 100gram Tub, & that because it is so PURE will give you 7 x 5kg washes. ( It is so pure, with no artificial fillers that you only require a heaped teaspoon of powder, & NO clothes softener is required.)

This TEST KIT should last an average user about 2-3 weeks, in order to ascertain the effectiveness and the easy cleaning and advanced “Spray & Wipe” function of the products. ( It replaces approximately 12 x products used by most people, which is confusing to cleaning staff and also very expensive to purchase)

Priced at R35.00

2. Eco Smart 250 L KIT (250 ml Bottles of Concentrated Product)

The 3 x Concentrated liquid product in this Kit; are in 250ml bottles with the same products as detailed in the Eco Smart 100 Kit above, and includes a 330 gram Tub of Laundry & Washing Powder with three dispensing bottles.
This Kit makes 20 x Dispensing Bottles of Superior and Effective Product, and the PURE laundry powder will give you 24 x 5kg washes. (Mixing Ratio of the 3 x concentrated liquid products is 10 parts water to 1 of product)

Because certain existing clients or offices do not require the full Kit, i.e.; No laundry powder you can also choose from the following 2 x specially packaged Kits;

2 x Kits Price
Eco Smart 250 KIT - WITH Dis. Bottles, NO Laundry Powder R295.00
Eco Smart 250 L KIT - WITH Dis. Bottles, WITH Laundry Powder R350.00

3. Eco Smart 1000L KIT (1000ml Bottles of Concentrated Product)

The 3 x Concentrated Liquid Bottles in this Kit, are 1 000ml bottles of product, and the laundry powder is 1000 gram Tub.( Mixing Ratio of the 3 x Liquid Concentrated Products is 10:1) This Kit makes 70 x Dispensing Bottles of Superior and Effective Product, and the Pure Laundry Powder will give you 70 x 5kg Washes. (Because the laundry powder is so pure you do not required a softener)

You can  choose from the following 2 x KITS to suit you; Price
Eco Smart 1000 WITH Dis. Bottles & NO Laundry Powder R435.00
Eco Smart 1000L Kit- WITH Disp. Bottles & WITH Laundry Powder R495.00
































The above three concentrated liquid products work out to ONLY R6.00 for a 500 ml Dispensing Bottle of product, and the washing powder at R1.57 for a 5kg wash, which is a SAVING of 300 to 500% lower than the products sold in retail stores, that are NOT Eco & Human Friendly.

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