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Prices of "Eco Friendly Cleaning Products" in Bulk.


ECO 1 - MULTI  CLEANER "Triple Action Surface Cleaner"
Concentrate mixing Ratio 1:10
Triple Action Surface Cleaner
Scientifically developed for cleaning of all surfaces such as; office fixtures, desks, counters, shelves, electronic equipment, kitchen tops and fixtures, toilets, wash basins and showers etc.
ECO 1 - 1Ltr Bottle
(Makes 10 litres at a cost of only R5.50 per 500ml Spray Disp. bottle)

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ECO 1 - 5Ltr Jerry Can
(Makes 50 litres at a cost of only R4.00 per 500ml Spray Disp. Bottle)

ECO 1 - 25Ltr Jerry Can
(Makes 250 litres at a cost of only  R3.60 per 500ml Spray Disp. bottle)

R1 800.00

ECO 2 - WASH "Super Versatile Washer"
Concentrate mixing Ratio 1:10
Is Non Abrasive and scientifically developed for the cleaning of all types floors, linoleum, vinyl, tiles, marble and sealed wooden floors, chrome fittings, all walls, doors, and for hand washing dishes, cups and glasses etc. Prevents build up of fat in drains and outlet pipes.

Eco 2 -1 ltr Bottle
(Makes 10 litres at a cost of only R4.40 per 400ml Squirt Disp. Bottle)

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Eco 2- 5 ltr Jerry Can
(Makes 50 litres at a cost of only R3.20 per 400ml Squirt Disp. Bottle)
Eco 2- 25 ltr Jerry Can
(Makes 250 litres at a cost of only R2.88 per 400 ml Squirt Disp. Bottle) 
R1 800.00

ECO 3 - HYGIENE - "A Safe and Effective Germ Destroyer"
Concentrate mixing Ratio 1:10
Which is scientifically tested and proven to destroy a range of 99.9 % of germs we encounter daily. Used to sanitize complete offices and all electronic equipment, desks, kitchens  and all fittings, wash basins, toilets, drains, first aid rooms, dustbins etc. Safe to use near food, and superior hand sanitizer for everyone to use.
Approved by The S A National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications for Disinfectants. (Approval Registration Number; Act5GNR529/235539/040/0293)
ECO 3 - 1Ltr Bottle
(Makes 10 litres at a cost of only R 4.50 per 500ml Spray Disp. Bottle)

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ECO 3 - 5Ltr Jerry Can
(Makes 50 litres at a cost of only R2.65 per 500ml Spray Disp. Bottle)
ECO 3 - 25Ltr Jerry Can
(Makes 250 litres at a cost of only R2.74  per 500ml Spray Disp. Bottle)
R1 370.00

ECO 4 - LAUNDRY "PURE Laundry / Washing Powder"
So PURE you only require a 14ml scoop of powder to do a 5kg wash ( Equivalent to a heaped teaspoon) 
It is developed for use with automatic washing machines, and does not require a softener. It will also not leave streaks on your dark clothes, nor will you develop any skin allergies from your washed clothes. Ideal to use in your automatic dishwashing machine, and will not leave a residue on your dishes, nor will it damage or rust your machine as so many products do.
ECO 4 - 1 000gr Tub
(Does 70 washes at a cost of only R1.86 per 5kg wash)

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Eco 4 - 5kg
(Does 350 washes at a cost of only R1.57 per 5kg wash) 
ECO 4 - 25kg Bag
(Does 1 750 washes at a cost of only R1.43 per 5kg wash)
R2 500.00

Note: All our eco products are the only cleaning products manufactured in South Africa



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