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We invite you to Come Aboard and become an Accredited Distributor and to be a; Health Educator promoting our “Environmental & Human Friendly Products”, which will be the start of your own very successful Health Business.....that we guarantee will generate a fortune of monies for you into the future, as the Going Green Market is growing with huge momentum daily, and is guaranteed to grow and continue forever in order to Save our Health our Animals and our Planet.

COST TO BECOME A DISTRIBUTOR;……As we are on the “Front Foot” with our modern and advanced products that we manufacture, we do not require you to make any capital investment to become a Distributor, as we know we will make a fortune of monies together into the future as partners, which can be achieved Part time or Full time.

USERS OUR ECO SMART PRODUCTS;.....The market is huge, and is growing daily as the population realizes the damages caused to our bodies and the environment with the toxic and harsh chemicals that are in most cleaning products on the market today. 

The majority of the public, companies etc  do not know the dangers to their health, staff, pets and the environment and this is why we require Health Advisors who will be informing and educating our people, which market  is; the public, schools, crèches, companies, guest homes, game parks, lodges, cleaning companies, laundry mats, and any communal place  etc.

;….The manufacturing costs are extremely high, because NO toxic and harmful ingredients are used, ONLY expensive scientifically approved ingredients, with the final production costs being expensive.
;……This is why we do not retail our products through stores, who would add an additional approximately 200 to 300 % to our products selling prices to cover their huge overheads and massive profits.
We then decided to appoint Distributors Country wide to introduce and sell these superior products at FACTORY PRICES to the South African market at extremely AFFORDABLE PRICES, which are 300 to 500 % lower in price than the products on our store shelves,…..and which products are NOT Eco & Human Friendly

PRODUCTS;…The products are consumables, which will last your clients for approximately three months, so each client will repurchase products approx. four times per year, continually making you money, and building a passive income for you into the future.

  • As the products can ONLY be purchased from our appointed Distributors, your clients become “Bearers of Good Healthy Tidings”, and they then inform their friends, family and business associates of these superior, affordable products and the monies they are saving, ensuring your client base grows with huge momentum in a very short time period.
  • We can deliver our products nationwide, so you can sell to clients countrywide.
  • To make the marketing and deliveries much easier for our Distributors we also package our products into Kits, which come in three various sizes.
  • There are four scientifically proven products we manufacture, and that  do the following important functions;

Triple Action Multi Cleaner for all surfaces, kitchen & bath. fittings, office equip.etc.
Super Versatile Washer for floors, walls, carpet, stains, washing dishes by hand etc. 
Safe & Effective Sanitizer for kitchens, bathrooms, offices, ideal for hands etc. 
Totally Pure Laundry Powder  for washing of clothes, in a washing machine, and is perfect  for washing of  dishes in an automatic dishwasher.

NB; These four multi task advanced products replace about 12 products used by most people and companies

  • Our smallest Kit, which is a TEST KIT sells for only R45.00....the next size is our popular Eco Smart 250 KIT that makes 15 x dispensing Bottles of Superior Effective Product, and sells for R295.00. Our Eco Smart 250 L KIT is as above, but includes a 330gram Tub of Laundry Powder, that will do 24 x 5 kilogarm washes, and sells for R350.00


  • We firstly appoint you as a Distributor, and you are allocated a Code Number.
  • Your very favorable discount will then be confirmed on our complete range of products.
  •  We then furnish you with all the procedures of how your business will operate; and your functions, namely; All YOU do is the placing of orders, we do all the administration, the emails to the clients, mailing of invoices, the delivery of products, payment arrangements by your clients for products, and we set out your profit margins on the products. etc.
  • We continually furnish you with important information how to proceed with your business and to increase your turnover. 
  • If you proceed we highly recommend that you purchase an “Eco 100 Test Kit” for R35.00,    so that you can see for yourself what the products are capable of doing, and how effective they are. ( The Kit posted to your closest Postoffice for your collection cost is R25.00)
  • We then proceed to furnish you with the relevant information and detail all about setting up your company and how to start networking and the selling of the products, including selling scripts, mails for clients, motivational data etc.
  • Our company will continually “Hold your Hand” ensuring you do not  “Wash Overboard” and will make sure that your business will grow into a HEALTHY Money Generator into the future, for you and your family.

Note; Although you are working for Yourself, you are Not by Yourself!

To proceed with your business or if you have any questions, please email Joanna or call her, or call her on  011 477 8936.

"We must all be Environmetally Friendly to Save our Planet"


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