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At Eco Smart we believe that the most effective form of marketing our unique range of eco-friendly human-friendly and animal-friendly products is Relationship Marketing.
This means that you use the products for your own home- and office-cleaning and familiarize yourself with the applications and benefits.

Then you reach out to your family, friends, and colleagues. Have a one-on one over a cup of coffee, a WhatsApp chat, or a get-together at your house. You know more people than you think- just look at the contacts on your cell phone! Remember to always make sure that the person is comfortable with you doing the pitch and do not feel that you take unfair advantage of the relationship. You ultimately want a win-win situation to come out of this.
Your aim is to get them to order, become users of your Eco Smart products and tell their family, friends, and colleagues about the gentle effective Eco Smart way.

You have the comprehensive Eco Smart website to support your information. We undertake to keep our products at the listed online consumer prices.

To become a distributor is simple. You contact us and we firstly make sure that the area where you want to distribute does not overlap with another distributor.

We offer a 40% discount to distributors on all products except the 100mil test kit. The test kit is a marketing tool and we do not make a profit from it.

You can start full-time or part-time and there is no registration fee involved. After six months we discuss whether we have a mutually beneficial working agreement going forward. In the meantime, we are on the other side of the line or e-mail to answer any queries you may have please emailĀ Joanna at, or call her onĀ  011 477 8936.

"We must all be Environmetally Friendly to Save our Planet"
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