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What our clients say

THE SOUTH AFRICAN NATIONAL PARKS (SANPARKS) are using our Eco Products at various of their National Parks, and were surprised and are now very pleased that these Eco Friendly products, are so Effective, that they are recommending them to all their guests.

ECO GAME LODGES these Lodges are registered through the SA Government as Eco Lodges because they meet with the strict Eco requirements required as Reserve Managers.
Proudly they use our Eco Products which they highly recommend, making them truly Eco Friendly Lodges.

GUEST HOMES / BOUTIQUE HOTELS, we have many clients throughout the country with these establishments that have joined us in our “Going Green Health Programme”,  which we are promoting. They now use our products, and continually tell us that they receive many accolades from their guests expecially the international ones about the Eco Friendly Cleaning Products they are using. In fact these guests are now recommending their establishments to their associates and friends, which will certainly boost their business.

COMPANY OFFICES,  as we are promoting a “Health Programme” specially developed for staff members, we have met with remarkable success from management, who are understanding that by each staff member cleaning their own workstation daily and all the equipment they use, can only contribute to the improved health of the office worker and more efficiency and certainly less absentees, which means more profit.

CRECHES, the health of our children is so important, and with more crèches joining our “Going Green Health Programme”, and kids hands are sanitized with our Eco 3-Hygiene in the morning, and before each meal, with the feed back from the crèches being that they have reduced absentees, and increased turnover as the parents are now their best promoters of the school.

Michelle Garforth-Venter, the TV Personality well-known for her animal conservation shows and GREEN LINE TV.

Michelle one of EcoSmart's valued clients explains why we are her choice: “Scientists say we are exposed to 500 times more chemicals than our grandparents were in the 1950’s. Choosing non-toxic kitchen products will not only interact more kindly with soft human tissue but also save harmful chemicals seeping into water-ways. I find the ECO Smart’s concentrated products lasts much longer than traditional products available at mass supermarkets. My personal favorite is the ECO 3 Hygiene disinfectant spray as I am always wiping surfaces behind Rain, my little boy!”


"As a micro-biologist I am usually very skeptical about claims made by manufacturers about products. I tested the Eco-3 Hygiene in my own Lab and have found that it does indeed kill 99.9% of household germs. I now have peace of mind with cleaning my home with this product. Yvonne, Northcliff.

"I was always frustrated about the grey streaks on my dark clothes. No amount of rinsing could get rid of this problem and ironing seemd to fix these marks permanently some of my favorite garments. Eco 4 Laundry changed all this. My 'blacks' come out black time after time. I subsequently learned that the grey streaks are caused by filler(usually cardboard) in the commercially sold washing powders." Sandra, Stellenbosh.

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